Tourist Package no 4

Standing at 277 metres, this is the second highest viewpoint in wider Athens (after Tourkovounia.) The origin of its name is contested; there’s the unlikely story that wolves (lykos in Greek) used to live in the area. Another etymology connects Lycabettus to the rising of the sun, above the hill, spreading light over the city of Athens. During history, it was used as a quarry - several of Athens’ neoclassical gems are built from its stone. Plans of the area’s sustainable development are currently underway, focusing on the mountain’s flora and fauna. It has been there since forever. Or, according to (one version of) mythology, since Goddess Athena dropped the limestone mountain she was carrying for the construction of a fortress in front of the Acropolis.

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Lucabetous Day tour, starts from 15:00 till 20:00pm. This includes visit on the Lucabetous Hill, THE St. George Church and dinner.5 hoursAll inclusive: The above offer also covers lunch in a Greek taverna in the above area. Transportation from your staying to Sounio and back, is also included, along with a guide. Ask us for an offer!