Tourist Package no 16

Theseus is the main super hero of Athenian myth and the chap credited with uniting the disparate villages of Attika. In gratitude Theseus (like Lord Byron's Vyronas) gets a whole section of town named after him called Thession

Since ancient times, this area of Athens was populated by artisans and you could once find many craftsmen’s laboratories belonging to potters, sculptors, tailors, etc. In a certain way, this tradition continues today and you can still see many small shops and boutiques selling handmade objects or accessories, as well as art galleries displaying the works of contemporary artists. For a very long time, Psiri was not the trendy area you witness today: it was mainly a place where people lived and worked, so it did not have any particular attraction. During the first years following the War of Independence, many people moved to Athens from the countryside and from the islands, and Psiri became their new home acquiring its cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

The National Observatory of Athens is a research center operating under public law rules and procedures and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and Investments.

ServicesDurationCost per person 
Afternoon Walk Tour in Thession, visit at the National Observatory Museum and Psiri night out6 hoursAll inclusive: The offer covers transportation from and to Athens and back, dinner and drink in Psiri.                          Ask us for an offer!