Tourist Package no 17

The Industrial Gas Museum in Technopolis City of Athens is introducing a unique- regarding the Greek museums- tour for the senses and is turning the learning process into an exciting experience! The IGM has been supporting the creative learning for all age groups since the beginning of its operation in 2013. By doing an important update, it introduces 7 more stops, linked to the 5 senses. that will be attached to the existing museum tour: an innovative tour accessible to all visitors…even the youngest ones! 

Gazi  is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece. It surrounds the old Athens gasworks, which is the industrial museum and exhibition space "Technopolis", widely known as Gazi, next to Keramikos and close to the Acropolis. The National Observatory of Athens is a research center operating under public law rules and procedures and is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and Investments. 

The archaeological site of the Kerameikos, between Ermou, Peireos, and Asomaton Streets, is a small part of the ancient Attic Deme of Kerameon, one of the largest demes of ancient Athens, located on the northwest edge of the city. As suggested by its name, the Kerameikos (from the Greek word for pottery) was a settlement of potters and vase painters, and the main production centre of the famous Attic vases. Those parts of the Kerameikos that were located near the riverbank suffered continuously from the overflowing river, and so the area was converted into a burial ground, which gradually developed into the most important cemetery of ancient Athens.

ServicesDurationCost per person 
Afternoon Walk Tour in Gazi, Keramikos, visit at the Industrial Gas Museum5 hoursAll inclusive: The offer covers transportation from and to Athens and back, and lunch in the above areas.                Ask us for an offer!